(R)Evolution of bioplastics


The principles of the circular economy enclosed in a thermoplastic granule

The Compound

From the innovative production process conceived by Kanèsis, Ecompound was born, a brand specialized in the production of thermoplastic materials loaded with biomass of agricultural by-products, free of additives and synthetic dyes.

With a material recyclability rate close to 100%, Ecompound is the solution for companies ready to go green and reduce their environmental impact.

The new way of thinking about plastics

Suitable for both injection molding and thermoforming, Ecompound thermoplastic materials combine plant resin in PLA with agro-industrial by-products of hemp, tomato, oranges and pomegranate.

Thanks to the chemical and mechanical characteristics of the raw materials used, and the absence of additives and synthetic colors, Ecompound thermoplastic materials boast unique performances in their sector in terms of elasticity and resistance.

Finishes and colors are the result of the processing of natural ingredients.


Derived from local agricultural waste.

Free of Additives

Synthetics and dyes.

Eco friendly

In line with the principles of Circular Economy

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Choose the charge of the agro-industrial by-product, and consequently the color, the quantity, contact us and you will have your sample.
Matrix to be used in the composition
Agricultural by-product with relative color and resistance
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